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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blueberry soju

Anyone who has visited Korea will remember their first sip of Korean Soju .   This is a fermented beverage made with rice or sweet potato.   It is extremely popular all over Asia.  My first try was on a visit to a local blueberry farm a decade ago and the growers were fermenting their soju in pots in the ground.   Soju  (소주) is a sake like beverage but made with a fermented sweet potato.  Here is the latest development - a commercial soju brewed with blueberry juice.     The yellow is a Korean called Yuza (citron) citrus and red a pomegranate.
Enjoy your blueberry soju!   (Update: The Blueberry Soju immediately sold out in blueberry-crazed Korea).  Note most customers are young ladies aged 20-30. (note national TV ad above)


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