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Monday, June 29, 2015

Former OSU Beaver to the Rescue in Taiwan!

I was told by my buddies in Oregon that you can always count on a Beaver!   Now we have a true Orange and Black treasure working for USHBC in Taiwan.   Sus-Sun (Susan) Wong is a retired government official from the Taiwan Plant Protection Center (PPC) which is the organization that works on all things MRL.   She is now working to raise the near zero MRL for malathion and serve as an industry resource.    She is the one to call! You can always count on a Beaver!    She is looking to connect with fellow "blueberry beavers ."
PS: According to Sue Sun, there are more than 300 OSU Beavers on this island of 20 million.   That is one of the largest beaver per capital populations West of Corvallis!   Stay tuned for results!

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