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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blueberries for Fighting Chickens!

I am often asked -- what is the strangest thing I have seen on the road? That is a tough one as something weird happens just about every time I land somewhere -- sometimes with minutes of arrival.

The major feed mills of the country all feature extensive
lines of fighting cock feeds and supplements.

Well -- here is another.

Recently, a food importer in Manila asked me about blueberries for fighting chickens.  Cock fighting is a tradition in the Philippines and you will find a ring in just about every small town and village.   Major competitions are held in sports arenas and the cocks out draw even the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and Pinoy Wrestling.  Billions and billions of Pesos are bet on these bouts.  (legal in the Philippines and much of Southeast Asia)

Next day at the trade fair I fielded questions again and again from visitors looking for blueberry fiber and powder for "slasher" diets!

What's up -- the fighting cock business -- is an ultra competitive sport.   It involves training birds from the start, conditioning, practice and diet.   Any little edge from diet could mean a big prize for the owner.  

I checked up some of the social networks for cock fighters and there is the answer.    Discussion groups tout various diets and -- there it is -- blueberries!

Right now the feed companies are investigating addition of blueberries to fighting cock feeds.  Look at the pack above -- they are looking for stamina, sharpness and quick and fast strength.  We do not have research indicating documented results of blueberries in these areas. 

But -- several cock owners offered me cash for my sample bags of blueberry powder and fiber on the spot.

Who knows -- maybe there is something to it.   

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