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Friday, February 17, 2017

Philippine Bakery Fair - Day 1

You know it is going to be a good day when you are met with a 50 foot tall inflatable baker!  Welcome to the Filipino Chinese Bakers Association (FCBI) 9th Annual Bakery Fair -- Manila Philippines.

Noto to be outdone by the gargantuan baker -- Gardenia hoisted the giant inflatable bread tower overnight.   This chain which was initially owned by the Sultan of Brunei -- later sold -- is now all over Southeast Asia and doing well.  Sort of like the Bimbo of Asia.

Just to refresh.  The FCBI is a coop of Chinese bakers from throughout the Philippines.   Did you know that Chinese account for 25 percent of the total population of this land of more than 100 million.  Some of the Chinese families have been in the country since the 9th century. 

Throughout history, the Chinese have run most of the important businesses including travel, agriculture, retail and just about all.   One secret to the Chinese success -- is collaboration.   The FCBI is a good example of this.  The bakers in this organization cooperatively purchase the essentials of baking including purchases of flour, sugar and other ingredients.   For some this business is a mainstay but for most this is just one of many businesses -- a cash one at that.  (very important in life in developing countries).

USHBC has designs on market development in the Philippines and we want a place for blueberries in the booming Philippine bakery industry.  We took the opportunity to exhibit at the FCBI Bakery Fair in Manila.  Here is day one!

Oh shucks -- I forgot my mascot!  Anyway there were plenty to go around including this cute group of bread mascots from Gardenia bakery. 

To be continued!

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