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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Filipino Products Containing Blueberries

I visited the SM (Shoe Mark) Mall in Pasay Metro Manila in search of blueberry.  A lot of good signs!

This is a mid level store.  

Jam made in the Philippines.  Filipinos love it sweet!

Muffins are a new concept with potential to grow.

Blueberries sell as seen with this waffle.

Nice to see the largest baking company in the region on the blueberry bandwagon.  Note the halal certification.  The Philippines has a substantial Muslim population in the South.

Here is a blueberry-strawberry bread from Gardenia. 

Fruit juice -- especially pineapple -- is big in the Philippines and here is a combo with blueberry. 

Here is an example of regionalization.  Thai dairy -- Dutch Mill is markets this blueberry milk all over the Southeast Asia.

Baby formula is a huge category in the supermarket.  Like all over Asia -- nothing is too good for baby and imported products are preferred including this berry blend.

Filipinos associate blueberries with cheesecake!  Magnolia is the leading local dairy and they use blueberry images in their packaging.

Wondering if berries can be produced in the tropical islands.  Here are strawberries from Bagio, a higher elevation region of Northern Luzon.