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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Spirit of the Filipino

The objective of our presence at the Filipino Bakery Fair is meet face to face with bakers of today and tomorrow.  We raise awareness, interest and facilitate trial and evaluation which leads to acceptance.   A picture says a hundred words, and here are some random photos from day one of our booth.  You can see the enthusiasm of the Filipino for blueberries.   Several of the bakery suppliers, importers and distributors have taken note of the wonderful reception and want to talk blueberries.

The Philippines are a young country on the move!  The median age of the Filipino is 23 years old -- Mabuhay!

Our bakery booth an hour before the show.

Here are my new buddies from the booth across the aisle -- a milling company.  They love blueberries and pledged allegiance to our mascot "Blue Me."  They are out working the crowd and talking up their new favorite fruit!

Tomorrow's bakers from the Don Bosco Institute.   They had never seen blueberries before this day and plan to include blueberry muffins in their studies at school and in their careers.  There is a big demand for trained bakers in the Philippines.

More new members of the Blue Me" fan club.  They work together at a local bakery and went home to bring muffins from their shop to show off.   They are using frozen blueberries and were really excited to grab mascot fans to proudly display at the shop.

Filipino -- and Filapina bakers want recipes!  These young bakers are interested in frozen blueberries for baked goods.  Now they are using fillings and the frozen berries are a great solution.  

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