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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bakery Fair Manila

The Philippines are on a roll.  Booming economy, young-well educated population.  With their Spanish heritage -- they love bakery products.   USHBC is working with Philippine bakers to build awareness and interest in new baked goods with blueberries.  This week we are participating in the 9th annual Bakery Fair which is sponsored by the Chinese Filipino  Bakers Assn. in Manila.  Stay tuned to see the in-the-field action!

Note the AK-47 strapped on the security guard.

My favorite Eatery -- Jollybee.  Chicken-joy and Yum Burgers with a side of Halo Halo.  This Filipino chain is all over the world including all of Asia, Middle East and the West Coast of the USA.

Who needs fast food when you can get a fresh-caught bangus (Milk fish) cooked on coals!

Politics is everywhere!  Remember Erap, the former president Estrada is now the mayor of Manila.  Forward -- Ever and Backward Never.  Remember the Philippines was the leading economy of Asia in the 60s.   Filipinos believe they are on the way back.

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