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Friday, September 18, 2015

A visit to Woolworth's -- Sydney

Australians love sports, surf and blueberries!  Check out  these photos from a visit to the Woolworths grocery store in Suburban Sydney (Newington) , New South Wales, Australia.

Woolworth's in Suburban Sydney.  

Fresh Blueberries.   This section is vacant half the year as Australia currently does not allow imports from Northern Hemisphere producers.

Check out this single serving pack of fresh blueberries.

 Only one blueberry muffin left!

Blueberries in syrup are a popular item for home use.   (A good alternative when fresh are not in the market.

Only one flavor of cheesecake -- blueberry!

Australians love fruit juices.   Many of the offerings state that the juice is made from Australian fruits.

Here is a blueberry juice which is labeled: 25% blueberry juice concentrate!

Breakfast cereals from Australian companies such as Uncle Toby's feature dried blueberries.

Australians are a dried-fruit-consuming consumer.  Dried fruits, local and imported are popular everyday and also for Ramadan.  This looks like a great potential market for dried blueberries.

Here is an example of dried blueberries from the USA which are packed in a popular Australian brand of dried fruit.

Frozen polybag blueberries are the product of choice in months when fresh blueberries are not available.   

Organic frozen blueberries are in demand.

Blueberry yogurts are popular.  Note the label that touts that this yogurt is made from Australian milk!

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