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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

USHBC Exhibits at Fine Foods Australia Exposition

Fine Food Australia has been around a long time and is the leading exposition for foods in Australia.  Thus was a first time for USHBC and it was a great place to meet the Australian food industry and a consumer who loves blueberries!   This exhibition occurred a few weeks after a major food safety disaster involving imported frozen blueberries (not from North America).   Food safety and the quality of  our berries was much appreciated and sought after by many of the 25,000 attendees from all over Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  Overall we met a lot of blueberry friendly companies and many are looking for specific items to increase their imports.   We have a lot of followup to do now.  Watch the shipments jump in Australia.

Here are just a few images from the event:

Show was held at the Olympic Park which is where the 2000 Olympic games were held.

Here is a photo of a Fine Foods Australia show long ago! 

Here is the Durian Village Exhibit in the Malaysian Pavilion -- luckily on the opposite side of the exhibit hall from USHBC!

Here is our Beautiful Blueberry booth in the USA pavilion.  We were the busiest booth at the show.

Australians are very local oriented and want to know where the food comes from.  Products show off the Aussie identity!

Here is the "Ghost Town" of the China Pavillion.   Australians do not seem to excited about Chinese origin items since a number of food safety incidents in recent times.  

Food Safety -- No problem this firm pasted the walls with certificates of all sorts.

Here is what Australians are looking for -- healthy natural foods are good for you!

Here is a neighbor exhibit which i was drawn to.   They featured an observation hive and bee beard demonstrations.  They were a lot of fun and bonded with us blueberry folk!

Now lets put some blueberry egg rolls into the menu Column B.   This is a Chinese company that attracted international attention with blueberries!

Australians rely on frozen berries in the off season which is our on season.  Australia is a large per  user of frozen and fresh blueberries.

You never know who you will run into at these expositions.   Here is a booth from Kaledonia which is a major frozen fruit packer in Turkey.   We also met companies from all over the South Pacific and even a food processor from Myanmar (Burma)

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