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Friday, January 15, 2016

USHBC Reaches North China Foodservice Market

USHBC is an active participant and sponsor of the USDA-Agricultural Trade Office Asian Chef Challenge.   (Also known locally as the United Tastes of America).   This culinary competition is in progress all over Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China.    China is such a large country that regional competitions are being held,regionally.   Here is some updated action from the competition in Shenyang in Liaoning Province in the far north.  USHBC provided blueberries for the event and our Julia Zhu (Blueberry Julia) attended all activities and encouraged blueberry innovation!

Shenyang the major city of the Chinese north.  Population 8 million

Julia and Master Chef!  Now a good blueberry friend!

Above: blueberry booth at the event!    Distributors from throughout the region stopped in for a look at the competition and to have a chat with Blueberry Julia.

And the winner is:  A wonderful traditional Chinese Pork Pot with lots of blueberry!   Blueberries were used heartily in almost all of the dozens of entries for desserts, starters and main courses!   These chefs will return to their hotels and restaurants with new blueberry recipes and concepts.

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