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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beauty Sells in Taiwan!

Here are some action shots from Blueberry Mandy's work in Taiwan!   This was a project of opportunity and too good to pass up!  Congratulations to our Blueberry Mandy (Mandy Chen) for a Great job!  With the launch of Wellcome's national TV and Social Media Campaign it was a good time for USHBC-Taiwan to cooperate!  This campaign launches an energized campaign that will last 48 days at hundreds of stores island wide!   Wellcome and high end market Jason's Markets features fresh blueberries from several shippers in the USA.

New point of sales poster
This is "Blueberry Mandy"

Sampling including dried in some stoees

Wellcome developed new USA blueberry point-of-sales materials

Promoters worked with whatever space they could grab.  Consumers were happy to see the California blueberries in the market!

This lady purchased a six-pack

Wellcome developed a wonderful Facebook site for blueberries.  https://www.facebook.com/wellcome.tw/videos/1803978419619271/

Wellcome was happy to include the Little Blue Dynamos logo which highlighted the USA origin.

Mandy developed questions for an in-store contest.  

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