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Friday, June 9, 2017

USHBC Exhibits at International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Exposition

The name IDDBA is a bit awkward -- but the Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association exposition held in Anaheim June 4-6, 2017was one of the best connections for highbush blueberries to the food processing business.  This three-day show drew attendees from throughout North America -- especially grocers, convenience store chains nd gourmet food operations.   What made this show important was the fellow exhibitors.  These included dairy, baking and snack companies of all sizes who were selling to the chains.  USHBC uses this gathering of food processors as a way to reach brand managers of companies who use real blueberries.  We meet the companies and discuss the real seal!
This was the debut of the USHBC Real Seal -- a big hit!  You will read more about this in future posts.
Team Blueberry & New Friend

Everyone loves real blueberries at IDDBA

>We met with more than 150 companies on the floor and discussed the Real Blueberries Seal
>At out booth we sampled real fresh blueberries and again and again were complemented -- as one of the few real foods on the floor.
A common comment from attendees: I have blueberries every morning to get my antioxidants!
Now we are following up with these companies and working to get the seal on the packs.
We also met a number of companies who have products which currently do not qualify.  These companies are now targets for technical assistance so we can help get the quantity of blueberries to optimal levels.

  • 9,000 attendees
  • 1900 booths!
Now the real work begins!  We are in contact with companies and working to land new Real Seal program participants.

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