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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dried US Highbush Blueberry Shipments to Japan Continue to Soar

Japan has always been a fresh and frozen market for blueberries.  Now take a look at the rise in dried highbush blueberries from the USA!

Source: US Customs. -  US Blueberries only.

Here is the deal:
>1,481,000 kg of dried blueberries exported from the USA to Japan in 2016.
>>This converts to 3.26 million lbs.
>>Multiply this by the 3.5 lbs needed to make one lb. of dried blueberries = 8.15 million lbs of blueberries utilized!

Demand determinants:

Beauty - Confectionery and Totally new products are leading the way in 2017!

>Beauty.   Grocery and convenience stores market dried blueberries in health and beauty sections along side slimming and products with health and beauty association.  (Beauty from Within)

Blueberries for skin care and beauty.

Asahi is one of the leading food and beverage companies in Japan and now have designed products with blueberries as a ingredient along with other beauty-identified ingredients.

>Confectionery.  On the food industry side, Japanese companies are integrating dried blueberries into confectionery (panned blueberries) ice creams and traditional Japanese confectionery (wagashi).

Dried blueberries are integrated into cheese cake bar called "mazuko."

>New Categories!

Take a walk in any park in Tokyo and you will understand why quality natural pet foods are the rage.  Pampered little-white dogs are everywhere.  Watch this category!

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  1. So, can we say that Japan is the biggest importer of blueberries from USA? No doubt it is a nutritional source of fiber and Japan being the biggest producer of many things in the world, is getting benefits from blueberries too.