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Monday, May 1, 2017

Brazil - the Japanese Connection

Last season one of the larger fresh fruit importers in Brazil asked for point-of-sales materials to support the USA season.   Since we were in the middle of promotions in Asia -- we immediately sent our Beautiful Blueberry poster from Japan.     We initially thought we could add Portuguese subtitles to make the poster understandable to the Brazilian customer.  No way!  The Japanese posters were a hit and the trade wants more!  
Brazilians of Japanese origin account for more than 1.5 million of the 211 million population.   They are important in Brazilian business with many of the leading food companies run by Japanese -Brazilians.   Japan is associated with quality! 

Here is a shot of our Japanese poster in action in Brazil.

Case in Point: Food Manufacturing Giant Yoki!  (Now owned by General Mills).  Note the Japanese Kanji on the logo!!!
Yoki has six major brands across 21 categories – everything from popcorn to tea, snack food to side dishes.  Originally a family-owned business, the brands of Yoki Alimentos S.A., are everywhere in Brazil.

Founded in 1960, Yoki nourishes Brazilians with its everyday foods that include snacks, side dishes, seasoning, nuts, flours and soy beverages.

The major brands of Yoki Alimentos are:

  • Yoki
  • Kitano seasonings
  • Mais Vita soy beverages
    • Yokitos snacks
    • Lin Tea
    • Tori bird food
    Katia Miura, who works with USHBC in Brazil and Latin America has been helping fresh importers this season to ready for the upcoming season.   While food processing is our focus -- we gladly help our fresh importers as well.

    Fresh brochure for Brazil season 2017.

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