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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Vietnam Loves Blueberries

USHBC just concluded a second exposition at the Food & Hotel Vietnam -- a lovefest for blueberries!   

98F 98% Humidly.  If you have visited Houston or New Orleans in the Summer -- Imagine a lot hotter!  Here are my buddies outside the convention Mr. Tran and Mr. Tran.  I call them the Trans.   They were delighted to meet a friendly American giving out fans.   Consumer studies have shown that Vietnamese people have the most positive impressions of the USA of any country in Asia!  We call this "Fan Diplomacy." 

Inside the exposition center, we have Phoebe and Hanna working the USHBC booth.   Phoebe is an experienced English translator and Hanna is a food technologist who travelled 100 miles on her motorbike to help a fellow food techie in the blueberry booth. 

This dynamic team was busy continually and quickly became blueberry experts.   This resulted in dozens of excellent contacts and potential sales leads now and in the future for our blueberry shippers!

Here is the face of today's Vietnam.  Very young, energetic -- and blueberry loving!

See you in Hanoi in 2018!

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