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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mega-Market Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Welcome to Mega-Market Ho Chi Minh City, a Thai owned company which was formerly Metro Cash and Carry.   This is the large western goods store where small markets, restaurants and foodservice come to for supply!     

The former Saigon is a river city and Mega Market is located in a new suburban area near a big "dragon" bend in the river!  Very good luck!

Here Pham The Hoang Vy, (middle) Category Manager for MM Megamarket (Vietnam) Limited greets US visitors.   On the left is Gerald Smith, Senior Attaché at the US Consulate, Ho Chi Minh City.   (I cannot imagine how he could spend the entire week in suit and tie).

First a look at the dry goods.

This regional dried fruit brand is popular throughout Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese love fresh juices and these new products are imported including blueberry.

Vietnamese love milk and especially sweetened beverages such as Vietnamese coffee which is primarily sweetened and condensed milk.

In the extreme heat of Vietnam, ice creams and frozen yogurts are a relief.

This product says it all about Vietnamese perception of blueberries.   This Vietnamese produced yogurt and accompanying beverage contains ingredients associated with beauty and skin care.  (collagen, lutein and blueberries)  This is: Beauty-from-within at its best!"

Frozen bulk foods are popular with foodservice.   These mega-packs of frozen berries are from China and are used in hotels, coffee shops and restaurants for making smoothies.

Here is the modern Produce department. 
Pretty quiet compared to the hustle of the traditional Vietnamese wet market!

Modern produce sections are a new concept in Vietnam.   Note -- it has been a very good year for watermelons!

Here is the chilled produce section for berries!   These fresh strawberries are from the highlands of Dalat which is the coolest place in Vietnam. (which is relative as the entire country is steamy this time of year!)

Imported strawberries from South Korea are a real luxury and sold at high prices.  Note the special displays made from the shipping materials.

You knew this one was coming...  Even in the off season you cannot escape the pungent aroma of durian fruit which is a big favorite with Vietnamese and long-time residents.

Check out the Australian fruit promotion.    Australia has a sterling reputation with fruit buyers have been in the market for years. 

Now for a quick exit from the  store and a dash back top the exposition center!  Check out the taxicab.

Pretty much a recipe for success in Vietnam:
1. Beauty
2. Imported -- especially from South Korea where beauty is boundless.
3. Healthy - kim chee, ginsing and other recognized substances fit the food-as-medicine culture of Vietnam.

Now, bring on the blueberries!