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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Australian Food Technology Conference

Australia is a nation of 24.6 million .  They produce fresh blueberries.  They restrict imports of fresh US blueberries. They also import substantial quantities of processed blueberries.(dried, frozen, juice) -- around  3 million kg per year from the US.  (5 million lbs)

This year, USHBC took a step towards food industry market development with attendance at the once-every three year FoodPro exhibition and conference in Sydney.   This is the place where Australian companies look for "ingredient solutions" such as powders, purees and concentrates that are used in baking, dairy, beverages and snacks.

This year we checked out the show and it looked promising.  We will exhibit in 2020!

FoodPro is similar to the Institute of Food Technologists in the USA.  It happens every three years and is sold out years in advance.  Flavor Consultants, a US based company with operations in Australia invited Blueberry Guy to attend and check out the show for future consideration.  It was a great place to interact with the Australian food industry.

Flavor Consultants sells natural flavors and has strong ties with the research and development staffs at major Australian companies.    They are now promoting blueberry powders to their customers as you will see from the Real Blueberries banner.

Here is a shot of the China Pavilion at Food Pro.   Yes, this is during the show hours at this busy exposition.  Chinese berries were implicated in food safety scandals the last three years.

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