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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Progressive Grocer India - Blueberry Healthy Snacks

Here is a sign of how far dried blueberries (dried fruit and nuts in general) have come in the modern Indian grocery scene.   Traditionally dried fruits and nuts are sold as bulk commodities in wholesale markets.  Each city has a huge dried fruit market such as the Khari Baoli in Old Delhi which has centuries of tradition in dried fruit and nut sales.   If you visit you will see narrow alleys with dozens of stalls packed with bulk dried fruits like raisins (kismis), dates, almonds and walnuts.  The new grocery scene in India is now featuring more and more packaged dried fruits and nuts. Check out the Progressive Grocer magazine India Edition.   It features stories on two companies who are expanding the retail trade for healthy snack packs -- including dried blueberries.


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