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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Taiwan Super Chef Seminar - 2017

Bakeries and hotel chefs are a major target for frozen and dried blueberry market development in Taiwan.   Traditionally, chefs will use fillings which are great for pies -- but limiting in other uses where whole fruit is needed.   Education and technology transfer is the key.

Our Mandy Chen (Blueberry Mandy as they call her now in Taipei) worked with Katherine Lee of the USDA-FAS Agricultural Trade Office to present a seminar on highbush blueberries for 100 invited food industry professionals.   Chef Jia-Ming Yang, a Taiwan celebrity chef and friend of blueberries presented an array of bakery products designed to demonstrate optimal use and innovation with frozen and dried blueberries.

  • Economical ways of using frozen blueberries in product development
  • Integration of dried blueberries into sticky and firm doughs
  • Optimal use of real blueberries in mufins

Here are some shots from the successful event.

Introduction from MC who is an editor of a Taiwanese food industry publication.

Attendees included importers, distributors, food manufacturers, bakery and restaurant executives.

Katherine Lee and USDA staff welcomed the attendees showed great support for highbush blueberries.

Here is "Blueberry Mandy" who worked weeks in advance and behind the scenes to make this event a big success.

Chef Yang is well known in Taiwan and a real master and innovator.   Here he shows how to utilize frozen blueberries to make yummy toppings and fillings for quality bakery goods.

Chef is one of these rare individuals who can cook and talk at the same time.  He was entertaining and really showed his skills and presented blueberries well.

Of course he had an excellent helper who has worked together with for years.  They were like a well-oiled machine!

Chefs made the recipes look easy and appealing.   

So here we go!!!

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