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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Blueberries Going to Goa!

USHBC takes the blueberry message to the state of Goa for an exhibit and meetings with trade.  The hard-working USDA organizer in Mumbai calls this the "Goa Roadshow."   Although this is one of the smaller population states in India, it is unique and quite important for trade and food innovation which goes back centuries.

  • The Konkani coast was colonized by Portugal in 1510 until the 1960s.  Portuguese influence is everywhere -- especially in foods which have a western and spicy flair!
  • Goa has the highest GDP and per capita income of any state in India.   
  • Goa is a haven for European visitors and features a substantial tourist infrastructure with hotels, resorts and restaurant trade.  Goan food is world famous -- ever had Lamb Vindaloo? Feni is the local "moonshine" made from cashew fruit.
  • European airlines fly directly into Goa without stops in Delhi.
  • Trends tend to start in Goa!
Goa is an innovator in modern Indian cuisine and the Roadshow will test the waters with Indian chef Shoria Kapoor (Raj's son)  staffing the booth at the exposition.  A variety of bakery and pastry products will be presented.

Note that the event is co-sponsored by the Federation of Indian Food Importers.   

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