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Monday, August 7, 2017

Katia Spreads the word with Social Media in Brazil and Beyond

Our Latin America Representative Katia Miura connects Central and South America with US blueberries through innovative use of social media!  Check it out and visit often as this wonderful web site is continually updated.   It's a hit and we continually hear from fans from all over the region who enjoy the blueberry connection.


Beauty sells and beauty-from-within is woven throughout the site.

Innovative recipes and formulations for the Brazilian market are presented each week!  

We keep food manufacturers and consumers informed about the many new product developments with blueberries!  Stay tuned for Real Blueberry Seal action!

Now this is what makes this an effective website!  News is published daily and we are creating a community of blueberry aficionados and end users.  We hear back regularly and have established a dialog which is resulting in blueberry demand.
Here is where we educate!  Stories are presented on hot topics including blueberry history, uses.  Here is a post on blueberry muffins.


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