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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Talofa from American Samoa!

Welcome to America's Paradise South of the Equator.

Of course Blueberry Guy immediately found fresh blueberries in the store.  Very fresh were on the same flight in from Honolulu

Here is my favorite Korean market in Tafuna.   SK Mart has it all!

Good luck if you are looking for local produce!  Here is a wild turmeric juice which sells for $16 per liter.  It is touted as a relief for diabetes. Samoa has a terrible diabetes problem and a return to fruits and veggies and local items like breadfruit, turmeric juice and of course -- blueberries can help.

Check out the frozen blueberries.   

I forgot to mention you can pick all the coconuts you want just about anywhere!  

Time to say Talofa from Pago Pago!

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