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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Braziian Supermon Blogger Delivers the Blueberry Message

USHBC is using social media to spread the real blueberry message to a new generation of Brazilian consumers.   Katia Miura -- who needs to be called "Blueberry Katia" from this point reached out to super blogger Maeda Menina Eassim known to her online fans as "Maedameninaeassim."  Supermom and her lovely daughter are huge in Brazil and draw blog visitors to see her progress and tips on raising her daughter.  She is huge as they say in the blogging biz.

Super Mom has more than 56,000 active followers!

322 followers have already sent their like!"

We gained many new followers to our Brazilian web site!

First Katia developed a clever cookbook aimed at mothers and daughters.

You probably recognize some of these recipes from the USA with some Brazilian dishes as well.

Brazilians love everything sweet!  Adding blueberries to home baking in a new concept.

Now it is time to color the mascots and learn more about real blueberries!

The recipe book encourages moms to head to the market to get some real blueberries -- fresh US blueberries in the winter!

Here are the ingredients given to the Super Mom Blogger!  Note they include fresh blueberries from the USA which just arrived by plane.

The cute kid loves the blueberries and the quality time spent with mom in the kitchen.   


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