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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Berry Interesting Frozen Dessert!

Over the years we see a lot of blueberry sorbets and blueberry swirl ice creams.   Now, this new Blueberry Cardamom Ice cream from So Delicious in Oregon is interesting in many ways:

  • Besides a swirl made with real blueberry puree, it contains real frozen blueberries.   
  • The base is made from coconut milk
  • The background flavor is cardamom
On pack: "Spice things up.  Bright blueberries, a little cardamom spice and coconuts make a delicious flavor combo in our creamy coconut milk frozen dessert.

We are seeing more and more unusual and spicy combinations of blueberry and spices in the dairy case.  This includes lavender, turmeric, chili and all sorts of flavors.   The USA is adapting the ice cream flavor palates of the Middle East where Persian ice cream is well known for exotic combinations of dairy and spice.  

This has inspired me to write the next issue of the Berry Latest newsletter on Dairy!

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