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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

In the field: Utah!

In  the Field!
The date: April 3, 2018.  The place: Sandy Utah.  The Event: Bonneville section of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Suppliers Expo and Candy Show.

Utah is an amazing state in many ways beyond natural beauty and snow. Traditionally, Utah has been a food preservation center. The low humidity, abundant water and energy has now drawn innovative companies including a whole slew of confectioners.  (The low humidity of the Utah environment is perfect for candy operations).   The state also has two excellent Universities with Food Science departments (Utah State, Logan; Brigham Young University, Provo).

IFT regional events such as this are great places to connect with the food industry. Local companies send their research and development and marketing staff to the all-day event.  These important links in the food development chain, do not attend the national conferences.  The atmosphere is casual, we learn about the company and products and work highbush blueberries into the discussions.  

Utah's Own: Local pride the theme, and as you see from the sign on my shoulder, Utah-based companies were lined up including Fat Boy Ice Cream, delicious beef jerky, super fiery sauces from local specialty food manufacturers. Some really great products only from Utah!  A seminar was also held for candy manufacturers and this included visitors from snack food, performance bars and supplements.

Leading Edge:  Utah has drawn some of the most innovative nutraceutical companies in the nation and world. Up and-coming-start-up companies produce powders, supplements, extracts and tinctures. These products are used as food processing ingredients and end products for healthcare, natural cosmetics and even body building.

What did we gain?  We met companies who use blueberries and are now in discussions for the Real BlueberriesSeal.  Nutraceutical and candy companies seek very specific ingredient solution.  The local companies are glad to connect and are fascinated to learn of blueberry product ideas from around the world.  Most important -  we connected with companies in the region who sell highbush blueberries.  (industrial food brokers) They are the VIPs in this process with highbush blueberry presence in the region long after the event is over.  We supplied the new tech brochure, research information and most importantly -- an e mail and mobile phone number to connect with the USHBC FoodTech program any time!

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