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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Getting Savory in Seoul

The excitement is building in Seoul. No, I am not referring to the governmental Summit -- but the Seoul Food and Hotel Exposition (SFH) which will be held May 1-4 in Ilsan.   Last year, our Korea Food Tech began exploring market development opportunities in the savory area. That is -- not too sweet!  Koreans love all things spicy, garlic and pickled!  (The national dish is fermented cabbage called Kimche!)

No mascot this year, but Sunyong will display his Korean Fighting Spirit" at the booth and show new blueberry savory items that are in the works!

So far, great reception, and some of the leading sauce and prepared entrée companies have shown interest. Who knows in the future blueberry Kinchee will be a household item!

Here is a pickled blueberry concept we are sampling at the SFH.   It is adapted from a 1960s North American Blueberry Council (NABC) book.

  • (bapsang, 밥상)  A bapsang is a table for serving meals and snacks.   In Korean culture, sitting on a mat with a bapsang is a very important social activity with family or friends.  It normally includes dozens of small side dishes and of course piles of kimchee!  
  • No bapsang is complete without beverages -- of course including Korean beer--but more likely Soju (소주 ), a vodka-like beverage made from rice, barley or sweet potato.  Another favorite is Makgeolli (막걸리) a milky sake-like beverage. Sunyong is also working on blueberry addition to these two beverages!
Notice the blueberry blossoms in the artwork -- this is a first!  Most Soju is in the 15% alcohol content range but can be also up in the 50s.

Makgeolli is sweet and smooth, but really has a kick that sneaks up on you.   It has been traditionally made with native Korean black raspberries, but now it is time for blueberry!

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