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Thursday, April 12, 2018

USA Dried Blueberries - a Hit in India

Raj Kapoor, Our man in Delhi!
Infused dried blueberries are a hit in India!

139,000 kg of infused dried blueberries were legally imported into India in 2017 according to the Fruit and Treenuts Statistics published online by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service (ERS)  Screen shots provided as well as the source.
  • USHBC began market development in India in 2008 when zero were imported.
  • This amounts to 486,000 lbs. of dried blueberries
  • Today at least 25 companies are packing consumer dried blueberries and product is also used in restaurants and foodservice as well as cookie and biscuit manufacturing.
  • It took 1.21 million lbs. of frozen blueberries to produce the dried blueberries which were exported to India. (based on 3.5 to 1)
  • Initially when Raj Kapoor started work on this sector, there was no interest from dried fruit traders.   Now, it is described as hot!
  • Indian packed dried blueberries are now being shipped to countries around the region including the Persian Gulf.
  • Now, one after another -- dry blueberry packers are signing up for use of the real blueberries seal to ensure that the customers know this is authentic.
  • Recently at the Gulfood show in Dubai, I met with dozens of Indian dried blueberry customers and all said they were introduced by Raj!
Congratulations to Raj Kapoor, our man in Delhi for a job well done!

Here is the information from the US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service ERS.  They receive their data from US Customs.  Below is the actual screen shot.

Here are some of the actual people who purchase dried blueberries from the USA who were introduced by USHBC! These shots taken at the AAHAR exhibition recently

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