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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Blueberries and Yogurts

7-11's Healthy Lifestyle Yogurt Drink is a hit in Japan

Several years ago, you would see one or two blueberry-containing yogurts in the dairy case.   Along came Greek Yogurt, specialty yogurts and drinkable yogurts.   Blueberries may not be the most common flavor.  But, blueberries sure do have a major presence in the category in North America and abroad.

Fruit Preps: For yogurts and yogurt drinks, adding blueberries not as easy as just adding blueberries.  Dairy products have very specific requirements obtain homogeneous flavor, texture, color and other specifications.  Most utilize fruit preparations or "fruit preps"  These are formulated products.
Here is an interesting report on the $8.2 billon fruit prep market worldwide.

Fruit Prep Report from Hexa Research

Manufacturers around the world look for high brix, frozen blueberries with soft skins for exuding juice.  Also, purees, puree concentrate and blueberry juice concentrate are used in the dairy sector.

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