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Monday, May 14, 2018

Taiwan Matters!

Sometimes we tend to take the more important things for granted.   Take a look at highbush blueberry exports to Taiwan (Republic of China).  This little island currently imports around 800,000 kg of US highbush blueberries.   (1.7 million lbs.)  Thank you Taiwan!

In 2000, USHBC began market development activities in Taiwan.  Our emphasis was on fresh blueberries.   Blueberries were a hit as we conducted sampling efforts all over the island.  Our research showed that Taiwanese associated blueberries with health and beauty.

Our continued efforts through 2005 included foodservice promotions and blueberries were adapted into restaurant hotel meals and especially smoothies.  Dry blueberries were utilized in the baking and snack categories.

This was a logical transition to the food industry.  Some of the leading companies of Taiwan such as Unipresident and I-mei began developing new products with frozen blueberries.

In the last few years there have been ups and downs.  We have addressed the downs with valid information and promotions and support.  We seek out the ups and see so many positive developments in new products.  A real benefit to our Taiwan activities -- Taiwan food companies such as Unipresident and others operate all over "Greater China."  Taiwanese companies are great supporters and marketing partners all over the region.

Thank you Taiwan!  And a special thank you to the
 USDA-Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) staff at the American Institute in Taiwan for the continual service, support and alliance to build the market for highbush blueberries!


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