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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ultra-Awesome New Korean Products

Here are some really interesting new products we found in the supermarkets in Korea during the Seoul Food and Hotel Exposition 2018.  My favorite (above) is Fresh Blueberry Chip.  On the pack -- "honest project is a project that offers healthy food processed from trustable ingredient.

Breakfast Cereals:  Korean consume hot cereals which are normally a blend of puffed rice, pine nuts and other local ingredients.  Cold cereals are becoming popular and here is a series of new concepts from Peacock, a local supplier.  Note this is an added ingredient concept based on color.  This is the blue concept and it is loaded with freeze dried blueberries--lots of them!

More Cereals!  Here is a product from Post Cereals.  Note the graphic on box that explains that with the dried blueberry you get more blueberry per spoonful!

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