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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hana Goes to Manila

Mabuhay from Manila.  Southeast Asian dynamo Hana is on the move this week to the Sunny Islands of the Philippines.  She is attending the IFEX exhibition in Manila and meeting with local importers, suppliers and end users of blueberries.  The Philippines has a massive food industry and more and more companies are connecting for blueberries.
IFEC 2018

Hana makes a new friend in the Philippine food industry

Some initial observations:

>Filipinos like it sweet!  The Philippines are a major sugar producing country and they like their products sweet.  They love the sugar infused dried blueberries.

>The Philippines are a vast country and food manufacturing is spread out all over the hundreds of islands.

>Best prospects so far are for dried and case frozen blueberries for jams and jellies.  

>Filipino foodservice brands are spread out all over Asia with Jollybee, Chow King and others growing in popularity and are even found in the USA.

Go get 'em Hana!

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