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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hana's excellent visit to the Mall of Asia Manila

Hana is ready to shop!

Store Check Time - Manila:  One of Hana's tasks in her Philippine visit is to check out the stores, look for blueberry products and opportunities.   Now here we are at the SM Mall of Asia, one of the largest shopping malls in the world!   If you are wondering what SM stands for -- it is "Shoe Mart."  Started out as a shoe shop and now one of the largest retailers in the Philippines!
One of the largest malls in the world and they are in many cities of the Philippines.

>600 shops
>200 restaurants
>at least 500 mascots!

Here is a quick view of the SM hyperstore.  Normally we can get some photos and video, but Hana learned immediately that this could be difficult.  As she said -- all of the guards were carrying machine guns (AK-47s to be exact).   In the Philippines -- wherever there is money, there are armed guards!

What we see: 
>Filipinos love sweets.  You will find jams, jellies and blueberry sweets.  In fact one buyer told us they wanted to see more sweetness in our dried blueberries.  I have never heard this before!
>Most stores have refrigerated produce sections and fresh blueberries can be found from time to time
>Foodservice is massive.  Filipinos like to eat outside of the home.

Mascot Parade!   We have discovered Mascot Paradise.  Never have we seen so many mascots on parade.   Each of the shops and restaurants has a mascot including the Giant blue Elephant mascot of the SM.
Here is an amazing video of the 2018 Mascot Parade.   Take away -- Bring on Blue-Me!!!
(Make sure to skip the ad and go right to the Mascot Parade video link below)

Mall of Asia Mascot Parade

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