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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

SIAL China Update

USHBC exhibited at the recent SIAL China Exposition May 16-18 2018 in Shanghai.  The big news-- six USA blueberry firms were present!  Julia and Mandy staffed the booth and delivered decades of blueberry experience to the attendees!

We had a great booth location and lots of interest.

Here are some of the excellent USA products shown at the SIAL China!

Freeze dried blueberries

 Attractive packaging.  Lan Mei is the Chinese word for blueberry.

 Whole blueberries!  Made in the USA label!

Graceland fruit is available all over China through internet sales

Here is an example of USA origin branding!

One big bag, with small inside bags.  

Take Away: Dried blueberries are hot!

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