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Monday, May 14, 2018

Blueberry Containing Food Products - Taiwan

Taiwan was an early adapter of blueberries for Asian markets.  First, it was fresh, then dried and now frozen for food processing.

Check out some interesting developments in the last year 2017-2018

Taiwanese love to snack, and almonds and dried blueberry are a natural combination.

This is a blueberry blend with a lot of blueberry!

Taiwanese are health conscious and organic and LOHAS are big.

This locally made jam rivals the imports from Europe

This product utilizes freeze dried blueberries to form a natural chip

Taiwanese follow Korean trends and this product should be a hit.

Next two products are functional foods, both contain lutein for eyesight.

Another great natural snack.   

Taiwanese love to snack and nuts and dried fruits are a natural anytime

This ice bar contains chewy dried blueberries.  I-Mei is one of the leading food companies in Taiwan

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