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Saturday, July 25, 2015

A "Food Tech" View of the Blueberry!

About half of all blueberries produced go to the food industry.   How do blueberries make their way into the 2,500 or so new products that hit the supermarket shelves each month?
The are research and developed.   R & D!
The folks who do the R & D are called food technologists or food scientists.  They receive marching orders from marketing and management and spend years and millions of dollars developing new products.  Ask anyone in the food industry and they will tell you that companies need to continually re-invent with new products to keep up with trends and the demands of the ever changing consumer base!

Here are some observations from the recent Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting in Chicago.   (July 12-15, 2015)

Blueberries were everywhere!

I was greeted with the Milne banner over the entry.   Great blueberry powder.

This one immediately got my attention.   A flavor company.

At a closer glance, I am still not sure what this was all all about?

A highlight was running into my old friend Gord Cheema, a blueberry grower from the Pacific Northwest and now in the Freeze Dry Business.  He attracted a lot of attention with his powders and freeze dried blueberries!  Highlight 2 was our visit to the Chicago Curry House for a Nepalese dinner!

More action shots from the IFT later!!!

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