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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brazil -- Something's Happening Here!

USHBC has been targeting Brazil for the past five years.  As the "B" in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the target is lucrative!   Population: 202 million, rising middle class;  ultra-consuming upper class; massive food industry and most important -- association of food as medicine.  (Very similar to Korea).  Year one, we explained what a blueberry is.   Year two, the consumers -- especially young and active showed interest in fresh and dried blueberries.   Year three -- food processors got into the act.   Volumes are small yet growing.  (same as Korea ten years ago)  Keep an eye on this market!  We will make things happen!

While fresh and dried sales to Brazil are rising, we also see a latent demand for frozen blueberries for the massive food industry.

  • Brazil has a well developed food processing industry spread out over the massive country with most based in the South.
  • Most companies require less than full container loads and currently few companies are distributing nationwide.
  • Companies lack commercial contacts with US suppliers.

USHBC has initiated a USDA-FAS funded activity under the Emerging Markets Program (EMP which is designed to research the potential and feasibility for frozen blueberry use in the food industry.

  • We have Contracted with an in country Food Engineer who has contacts throughout the country and also commercial and promotional experience.
  • Our contracted representative is in the field meeting one one one companies researching usage needs and specifications.
  • This process is developing leads and market intelligence which will be fed back to the industry for market development activities.
Stay tuned, as Brazil is on the move!

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