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Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Food Food Technology Show!

Here are some more observations from the big IFT show in Chicago!

The show is full of all sorts of food additives, and chemicals.

It was refreshing to see the US Blueberry booth and something real.   We took the "real" theme and offered real fresh blueberries  -- "picked yesterday up the road in Michigan!"  They were a hit!

Better bakery with blueberries!  Here is a Gum company which is a food ingredient that holds products together.  Check out the ingredient statement and you will find gums like gum Arabic.   What impresses me is this huge gum supplier called TIC uses blueberry images to portray better baked goods!

Form matters.   This exhibit from German based Paradise Fruit explains it all. Most food products that are manufactured in the world are "low moisture."   That means if a blueberry is 80 percent moisture, then a low moisture blueberry will be 28 percent or lower -- even down to 4% for freeze dried.   This company takes blueberries and other fruits and engineers them into ingredients that match the desired moisture and water activity (migratable moisture) in a product.   Paradise buys blueberries from all over the world.  Remember the mantra:  Each lb of low-moisture fruit utilizes 3.5 lbs/of fruit.  We love that!

Real Fruit Candy!    We are excited to see our per capita consumption of blueberries soar to more than 2 lbs per person.   But when it comes to consumption -- look to the candy business and you will find 10 to 15 lbs per person!   Now it is exciting to see candy companies, big and small formulating natural candies from fruit.  We are onto something here!  

Here is the reason for all of the excitement:  Antioxidants and health benefits!

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