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Monday, July 27, 2015

IFT Meeting - Part 3

Now here is the other end of the ingredient spectrum.   Some of these very specialized companies engineer products for functional characteristics.  In other words, the ingredients make the end product  better.  If you can make a product better and also have the desirable image of real blueberries -- this is a winner!

Functional foods are international!   Check out these Korean products that are flavored by Samjung a major Korean flavor company.  At their booth at IFT.

The Key to Blueberry Soju!  The beverage industry is one of the most secret areas of the food industry.   After all, what differentiates Coca Cola from Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.   Flavor companies such as Samjung and American companies crack the code to create real beverage flavors that are consistent time and again.   This is the blueberry flavor from Samjung is responsible for the Blueberry Soju craze in Korea!   고맙습니다
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