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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Japan, Korea Promotions Show Early Results

USHBC promotions are in full-swing in Japan and South Korea.  The first statistics in from both countries indicate some promising results.  It is especially exciting to see a rebound in the Japan market which has been a challenge the past few years.   We will monitor closely and post the score here on the blog.

Japan: Fresh USA Blueberry Imports
May 2014 = $567,000     - 136,000 kg
May 2015 = $623,000     - 216,000 kg

South Korea:  Fresh USA Blueberry Imports
May 2014 =  $0 Value     - 0 kg
May 2015 =  $731,000     - 201,000 kg

Sources: U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Statistics and USDA-ERS calculations using Census trade statistics.

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