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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bakers have their own magazine!

The day starts at 4:00 am for the mom-and pop-baker.  Brew the coffee, start the bread doughs, craft the pastries, spiff up the case and get ready for the rush of regular customers!   Time to take a quick look at this month's issue of Bake, the magazine of bakers.   

This article was written in collaboration between editors and our on-staff writer-publicist.   Jeannette knows them all and they often call for information and editorial.   Our articles are interesting and pertinent and in demand.  Note the Real BlueberriesSeal ad below.   Bakers are also interested in the attraction of blueberries and can participate in this program with signage at point-of-sale, posters in shop and other creative promotions.  We need Blue-Me!

Retail bakers matter:   The thousands of small bakeries found in just about every city, town and neighborhood are strong loyal customers of highbush blueberries.   Most have standing orders  of cases of frozen blueberries and blueberry fillings from bakery supply companies.  These suppliers visit the shops regularly, and even keep inventory.   Ask any baker what gives them the edge.  They offer what is not found in the larger operations -- hand crafting, frequent specialty items and  variety.   Although most customers come in the shop regularly for the same muffin, scone or Danish -- the smart baker always is on the lookout for something new to keep things interesting.   This includes items like breakfast cookies, ethnic specialties for the Hispanic market and seasonal items.  How do you reach the mom and pop bakery.  Of course, visit and we do whenever we are in town.  Also, we connect with the bakery supply companies.  The delivery guys are the key to the back door of the shop and are certainly influencers.   Studies have shown that the bakers also rely upon their trade magazines for new ideas and information!  

Thank you Bake magazine and happy upcoming National Blueberry Month!

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  1. Most of Indian Bakers have blueberry products. Consumers are just happy with amazing taste and flavor of blueberries !!