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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Taiwan Retailers Proudly Present USA Blueberries

New Advertisement for Wellcome Supermarkets in Taiwan reinforcing the message  that USA Blueberries are available.   The new Wellcome-designed flag logo symbolized food safety!  The Wellcome Facebook is buzzing with positive comments.   

I love it when a plan comes together...  We are into the final week  of retail promotions in a selection of Wellcome and Jason's Marketplace stores throughout the island.  The emphasis: USA Blueberries are available!  The promotion included QR Code links to Doc Blueberry (Wei Yang of Oregon State University) who told of the many precautions and food safety practices used by USA shippers to serve the Taiwan Market.  The message resonated and we have received hundreds of visitors each day to view.  Wei is a "Rock Star!"  

Poster in the blueberry section of the stores continues to link customers with Doc Blueberry!  Signage also includes the USHBC Export logo and American Flag.  This was all designed to perpetuate the small promotion and this extended activity will be in place at 272 stores throughout Taiwan.  (photos later!)  Brief translation -- Want to know more about USA blueberries?  Ask Doc Blueberry!

What next?  Wellcome was reluctant to promote blueberries at the start of the 2018 season.  They are now bullish!  USHBC sampling programs are almost complete, but the store chain is perpetuating the Doc Blueberry campaign in 272 stores island-wide for the remainder of the season.  Wellcome is promoting USA blueberries proudly in their advertising and social media campaigns and have been asking "how long they can expect supplies from the USA?"  That is a good sign!  Other retailers have noticed and Carrefour also wants to connect their customers to Doc Blueberry and USA food safety!

Congratulations to Blueberry FoodTech Mandy--our "boots on the ground" in Taiwan who has worked tirelessly on this innovative campaign.   

I love when a plan comes together!

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