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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Product Innovation in Korea

Let's all be happy!  I sure am when we met with a super innovative company in South Korea called Babijoa.  Their motto: We hope your meal can present happy life to you!  I'm in!  This is a company who has been working with our own Mr. Happy -- Sunyong Lee who is one of the premiere food experts of Korea.   Sunyong does not follow the trends, he creates them.  For the past years he has explored the use of blueberries in savory sauces.   As anyone who visits the land of the Morning Calm, the Koreans love hot and spicy foods and garlic is served breakfast lunch and dinner.

So, how about blueberries.   Koreans are very conservative when it comes to their own foods, but experimental when it comes to food as medicine.   Here are two great concepts that are no longer concepts -- they are in the marketplace and are the new trendsetters.

Extra margination with blueberries makes this a strong garlic flavor!

Blueberries in Garlic Paste.  Not just garlic paste but "all night long" marinated garlic paste!  Here is what they say:  One spoon to make black garlic more special - added with rice germ.  
  • 66% of nutrients are contained in the rice germ and it is added to Korean black garlic which contains about 10 times more polyphenol than regular garlic -  choose healthier way with just one spoon.
  • Special puree-type product available only in Babijoa.
  • Blueberry chosen as one of 10 super foods by "Original" and Times magazines, (red colored fruits is food of men),
  • ...
Introducing Happy Rice with Blueberries!

Blueberries in Rice Dishes.  Color is important in the Korean diet.   They like colorful vegetables and different shades of rice colors red to black are considered a delicacy.   According to Babijoa, "Colorful rice which enables consumers to have healthier, colorful and fun rice by using various plant extracts."   The company is utilizing a blueberry powder which gives an attractive blue color and background flavor of blueberry.   We tried this at home and it is an excellent side dish.

So, keep it up Sunyong!  The out-of-the-box ideas of today are the new products of tomorrow!

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