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Monday, June 18, 2018

IDDBA-2018 New Orleans

International Dairy Deli & Bakery Association.  That's quite a mouthful.   You got the Natural Products Expo for health foods.  You got the Institute of Food Technologists for big food business.  You got the Fancy Foods Show for gourmet foods.

Here is the Expositon for the up and coming food companies.  These are the innovators who have come up with an idea, have had success and are ready to national and international.

USHBC attends this annual exposition to meet the companies who exhibit.  There are rows of bagels.  An entire hall of cheese.  Trendy items like Middle Eastern dips.  Chips, salsas and my very favorite -- perfect pizzas!   Manufacturers are looking for ingredients that are genuine for the discriminating millennial customer of the future.  They found it at the USHBC booth!

Here are a few interesting images from the IDDBA with a blueberry perspective:

Real Blueberry muffins from Sugar Bowl in San Francisco.   Now use highbush blueberries.

Dried Blueberry Toppings for salads.  We talked blueberries with this company last year!  

Optimal blueberry muffins.  The owner of this bakery was so proud of this beauty!

Hispanic bakery goods.  These are empanadas.   Our next door neighbor.

"Home Style" pastries for the bakery case.  With fewer and fewer trained bakers--wholesalers are filling the void with fresh bake items to stock the case.

Asian foods even sushi with blueberries!

From Tnuva, a leading food processor in Israel -- a filling with 70% blueberries!  We will meet them in Tel Aviv next year.  

Local is important and we sampled delicious fresh blueberries from "up the road" in Mississippi.  Over and over again, attendees came back for fresh blueberries and complimented us on having "something natural!"

Ya'll come back this October!

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