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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Food Taipei - Day Four

Day 4!  Get me out of here!!!  Most exhibitions abroad run for three days maximum.   Some of the large ones like ANUGA, SIAL and Gulfood run 5 days!   Food Taipei was four.  The final day gave me an opportunity to visit the Taiwan Pavilion.  Total Chaos and incredibly loud.  Took a short video above which shows some of the action and noise!

Taiwan is a nation of several large food companies and thousands of small.   Note the sophistication of the booths, the bright packaging and focus on natural ingredients.

Last year, I made the rounds and just a few blueberry containing products here and there  Now some really great developments.

>Blueberry juices not from concentrate (NFC)
>Snack foods with dried blueberries
>Drinking vinegars and honey with blueberry
>Moon cakes with blueberry fillings

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