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Friday, June 29, 2018

Food Taipei- Day Three

Here is a look at the International Pavilion of Food Taipei held in Taipei, June 27-30

The show is located at the Nanagang Exposition Center and is on two floors.  Today's video covers the top floor for international companies.  USA was in a great location and USHBC holds a prime location.

Take Aways:

>Interest in frozen and dried blueberries for food processing is strong.  Companies are in need of product that can met the strict Taiwan MRLs.

>Taiwan is a long-time loyal market for USA blueberries.   Again and again companies who we have known for decades stopped in to visit.  They are proud to be on the USA blueberry team and this year we rolled out the Real Seal and had some strong interest and commitments.

>We have gone from fresh, to frozen and now to ingredient solutions!   Manufacturers are fascinated with the wide variety of ingredient solutions that are available.  

>In meeting with Taiwan companies, it is impressive to see how many are now advanced into Mainland China with successful nationwide business operations.

>Taiwan is the "home base" for "Overseas Chinese" who operate businesses in Southeast Asia including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Some of the leading companies in the region come to the Food Taipei to visit suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

Taiwan does matter!

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