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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Good Morning Yangon!

The Spirit of Myanmar

မဂႆလာပၝ (min-ga-la-ba) Yangon!

Good Morning!  Hana, our Vietnamese "Blue Dynamo," is on the road again and this time to Yangon (Formerly Rangoon) Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Formerly Burma) 
This country is on the move and we are taking a look at future blueberry opportunities in this country of 53 million.   
Yesterday Hana visited grocery stores at the  Ocean Mall.   Time for quick store check after landing a Yangon International Airport.


Produce Section: some chilled space Just waiting for fresh blueberries.

Mango Season!  Note the mountain of Durians in the background.

Imported cereals next to local production.  In the past decade, Myanmar has worked for self sufficiency of the food chain and they did a good job developing their local food industry.  They do love prestigious import items -- especially sweets!

Here is a mid level store with mainly local items.

Burmese like sweets!  High end imports and local products.

Dried fruits, sweetened

No meal is complete without dried salted catfish!  Yummy

Stay tuned, we are just starting to roll in Yangon!

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