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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hana at Food Hotel Myanmar

Oh Myanmar!  Hana, our Vietnam FoodTech attended big food expositon of Myanmar! FHMM or Food and Hotel Myanmar.
Stay tuned for reports from the field, but this place is rocking!  Suppliers from all over the world are heading to this on-the-rise country which has been described as the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia.  It has it all, huge agricultural base of raw materials, such as sugar, oils, grains.  It has a highly educated and motivated work force.  And the Burmese want to build.  Burmese are investing in their own infrastructure with improvements on food processing.   Where self-sufficiency was the word in the past, these companies are looking to the outside to bring local production to world standards.   Korean, Japanese and European companies are already here.  Now, the USHBC is in the field working this new market.  This week we drafted plans for market development activities in 2019 and Hana has been meeting with companies and experts to chart the course.   Watch Myanmar!

A rising star

Korean Connection:  This photo from FHMM 2017 says it all.  Burmese in Korean dress marketing Dr. Kim health foods.  The number one instant noodle is "Koreno!"   

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